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סיגנל טורס | צור קשר
סיגנל טורס | צור קשר
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Thank you for your interest in Signal Tours!
Signal Tours specializes in business travel management for both small and large companies.
provides global travel services according to our client’s needs, while emphasizing time efficiency and cost savings.
We will be happy to be at your service.

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Head Office:

Signal Tours
33 Sokolov st, Ramat Hasharon  47236
Tel: 03-5492436 | Fax: 03-5492877
Email: info@signaltours.com

For Business companies

For information please contact
our marketing department:
Tel: 03-5492436 ext 183
Email: marketing@signaltours.com

Signal Ramat Hasharon
Sokolov st 33, Ramat Hasharon
Manager: Tania Goldberg
Signal Atidim - Accessible Branch
Baruch Hirsch st 14, Bnei Brak
Manager: Mochai Tik
Signal Raanana
Ahuza St 109, Ra'anana
Manager: Iris Hakim
Signal Afek - Accessible Branch
Amal Street 13, Rosh Haayin
Manager: Yonit Treivish
Signal Rehovot - Accessible Branch
HaMada 1, Rehovot
Manager: Riky Benlolo
Signal Rehovot (City center)
Herzl St 182, Rehovot
Manager: Orit Kraus
Signal Jerusalem
Azza 14 st, Jerusalem
Manager: Osnat Kabiljo
Signal Netanya
Smilanski Street 10, Netanya
Manager: Malka Bronfman
Signal Haifa - Accessible Branch
Bar Yehuda Israel 300, Haifa, 3295008
Manager: Dorit Besman
Signal North Galil - Accessible Branchee
Tel Chai 77 Kiryat Shmona1103005
Manager: Tsufit Nachsony
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