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Travel Control systems

Signal Tours uses advanced quality control processes that provide our customers with continuous improvement in the level of service, lowering tariffs, streamlining processes and constantly monitoring the reserved travel routes.
Quality control is done at Signal Tours, both by technological means and by a dedicated professional department.

  • Global Tariff Comparison System

As part of our global partnership at GLOBALSTAR, Signal Tours uses the company’s advanced technologies to price and scan prices and reduce costs of flights from any destination in the world. Signal tours is connected to all global fares and is able to locate and order local rates for flights from any point in the world.
This is a unique travel tariff comparison system, which enables comparison of prices between 100 countries and 4 systems of online orders.
The system enables prices to be searched according to the passenger’s starting point from any destination in the world, including access to unique local rates in the various countries, special LOW COST rates and wholesale rates for sale to the customer.
All Signal Tours agents have access for ordering and ticketing in this system.

  • Quality control systems for QA – for lowering prices and streamlining processes (savings for companies).

Signal Tours uses global QA control systems and local GDS tools to scan and regularly monitor all customer orders.
The applications are implemented in all reservation systems of the agent for constant tracking of discounted price availability and real-time alerts on discount rates that have been vacated, for lowering flight prices.
The system monitors Waiting list reservations, discount classes, discounted airfare rates, cleared seat approvals, visa requirements, and more.

  • Use of Global Distribution Systems

Based on the understanding that the distribution systems sometimes may present different search results and different pricing for the same route, Signal Tours uses the three GDS (Global Distribution System) systems used in Israel for reservation and ticketing:
• Saber Travel Networks
• Amadeus Selling Platform
• Worldspan

  • Travel Security Systems

Signal Tours provides online tools that enable customers to quickly locate their customers worldwide in emergency situations.
The information is sent in real time to the travel managers of the various companies, in order to contact the passengers and assist them if needed.


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