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Technology in Signal Tours

"What you can not measure, you can not manage"

Signal Tours uses the most advanced technology systems in the travel world. We constantly invest in developing and updating our technological systems and innovative programs that provide it with high accessibility to suppliers worldwide, extensive information and global coverage in all fields related to various tourism services.
Signal Tours offers its customers the use of advanced technological tools that help to properly manage the purchasing, reporting and travel control processes.

Advanced reporting systems

Signal Tours offers its business customers advanced on-line reporting systems for analyzing and controlling the organization’s travel. The systems enable assistance in optimizing the customer’s purchasing processes and travel policy control for saving.
The system provides:
• Online management reports for analysis of all travel patterns in the company.
• Unique SAVING travel expense reports and exceptional reports.
• Concentration of various information from the travel agent reservation systems.
• Allows control of traveler profile, suppliers, destinations, and departments.
• Ability to control the planned travel budget and more ….

Travel coordinator portal

Signal Tours has developed a unique product for its customers: a dedicated Portal for travel Coordinators / Travel Managers.
The essence of the portal is to provide the travel coordinators in the various organizations with a tool that coordinates all the information they need, as part of their daily work with the company’s travelers and our travel agencies, and facilitates their access to data, reports and sites in Israel and abroad.
The portal is customized to the client needs and assimilating travel reports, company travel policies, agreements with airlines and various suppliers, and more.
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Travel Management systems

Signal Tours offers its customers the use of the world’s leading travel management systems (by leading software houses) adapted to the customer’s needs.
The systems assist in the management of travel booking processes in organizations, while controlling and monitoring travel policies, enforcing procedures, changes and monitoring expenses, and also enables the management and documentation of travel purchasing.
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Travel control systems

Signal Tours is meticulous in its advanced quality control processes, which provide our customers with continuous improvement in the level of service, lowering tariffs, streamlining processes and constantly monitoring the recommended travel routes.
Quality control is done at Signal Tours, both by technological means and by a dedicated professional department.
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Advanced on-line reporting systems for analyzing and controlling the organization’s travel.





Signal’s travel coordinators portal








Signal uses world’s leading travel management systems



Maintaining advanced quality control procedures

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