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Services Network For The Corporate Traveler

Signal Tours offers a wide range of travel services tailored to the business traveler

Signal Tours provides customers with a wide range of essential travel services tailored to the needs of business travelers. The service is provided to business travelers and travel coordinators, if necessary, 24 hours a day. 
The leading position of Signal Tours among the main suppliers provides a clear advantage to our customers, with priority in providing service and in obtaining available seats and prices even in busy periods.

  • Business flights – we provide creative solutions for complex flight routes for business trips, economy class flights, business class and first class, with an emphasis on time and budget constraints according to company policy and passenger needs.
  • Close cooperation with all the airlines represented in Israel enables the possibility of lowering specific prices and creating special rate agreements for companies (business and economy).
  • Ordering all ground services such as hotels, cars, trains – through local suppliers, international suppliers and online reservation systems, using special prices of Signal Tours’ subsidiaries and / or prices, based on the customer’s special tariff agreements.
  • Hotel Reservation speciality
    Carmel Tourism, part of the Signal Tours group, is a tourism wholesaler, providing a wide range of tourism services worldwide.
    The company runs a unique technological platform, offering customers and business companies hundreds of thousands of hotel rooms all over the world, at high availability and competitive prices.
    The company has commercial agreements and interfaces with the largest suppliers in the world, providing it with the ability to plan, create travel products and services at attractive prices and conditions.
    Signal Tours offers its business customers, through Carmel Tourism, special rate agreements for hotels, according to their leading destinations around the world.
    Carmel Tourism operates a national center and internet website, which allows access to the company’s products and reservation of immidiate inventory. In addition, the website allows customers to analysis the purchase of travel services on a regular basis, including detailed reports.
  • Servicing passenger throughout his journey – changes in flight routes and accommodations and providing ongoing assistance in emergencies that occur during the course of the passenger’s travels and overseas stay.
  • Issuing Visas and Passports – Signal operates a professionally designated department for handling visas and passports.  This department specializes in all types of visas, provides assistance in filling out forms and in handling visas for the entire world, in the most effective and rapid manner.
  • Placing reservations according to passenger profile – seats, preferred meal selection, handling upgrades.
  • Registering for “frequent flyer” clubs – in various companies and ongoing monitoring of the accumulation of points and issuing of bonus tickets to “frequent flyer” club members at the various airline companies.
  • Issuing travel insurance – Signal Tours offers its customers travel insurance policies that cover health and cargo insurance for any insurance event that occurs abroad. Signal Tours is associated with the leading insurance companies in this field, and it can customize a corporate policy tailored to the client’s needs, to include components that do not exist in standard policies.
  • VIP Services and Accompanying Guests and Company Representatives from abroad – accompaniment from the airport, hosting in foyers, booking accommodations, organizing tours and trips in Israel and more.
    Quick and skilled delivery service for delivering travel material directly to your office.
  • Handling private travel of organization employees – special welfare plans for organization employees, from direct mailing regarding discounts and special benefits for employees, to the set up of a unique network of service points for travelers who are organization employees, including an internal website for discounts for company employees.
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