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Travel Management Services

Signal Tours works for you, providing consultation on proper management of your company’s travel portfolio.

Signal Tours provides its corporate customers with related and advanced travel management services beyond the regular service provided by tourism sales support.
We build a work plan for the corporate client which is tailored to the nature of the organization’s activities, we conduct a periodical analysis and set objectives, accompany negotiations with suppliers from the travel industry, customize to new global trends in travel, integrate technologies according to organization needs, and the list goes on and on.
The company provides its large scale buying power, its vast experience, in providing advanced travel management services for companies and organizations for the benefit of its corporate clients.

  • Consultation for formulating travel policy for customers – Signal Tours advises and assists companies in formulation, as well as enhancement of existing travel policies for organizations: consulting services for integrating travel procedures, general analysis of travel procedure implementation and recommendations for cost reduction – SAVING COST – while adapting the system to the organizational culture of the specific customer.
  • Constructing optimal travel profile for companies – becoming familiar with the customer’s travel patterns and adapting the supplier infrastructure such as: airline companies, hotel chains and car rental agencies according to the customer’s targets and policy.
  • Consulting and accompaniment in negotiations with suppliers – Signal Tours enjoys a leading status with main suppliers. This provides a clear cutting edge for Signal Tours customers, in priority service, obtaining optimal conditions for customers with various airline companies and suppliers. The company provides close consulting and accompaniment services to construct an optimal travel profile, to optimize the various benefits and to negotiate for corporate clients and upgrade agreements obtained from suppliers.
  • Creating unique pricing system at hotels – Signal Tours through its subsidiaries maintains global ties with suppliers and hotel chains. The company offers its experience and connections to create a preferred corporate pricing system at hotel chains according to the customer’s unique needs.

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